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“Deljavan’s performance was revelatory in every respect.”

“Everyone in the hall knew that they were hearing something special—something wonderful—from the very first notes. At the end, the spontaneous eruption of cheers was so different from the perfunctory ovation that any decent performance is awarded, that being a part of the thrilled crowd was a unique experience in itself.”

“My fellow critics, who usually are making notes rather than applauding at the end of a performance, joined the example of the orchestra and applauded energetically. It was a moment to be savored and long remembered.”

“Like a musical hypnotist, he opened the door to our own private space where we store bittersweet remembrances yet somehow, being in that very private world not withstanding, we felt like we were also part of a collective for 15 minutes or so, but could have been hours.”

“The buzz in the lobby at intermission confirmed our common experience, our amazement and our gratitude to our lucky stars that we attended the concert.”

— Gregory Sullivan Isaacs, Theater Jones

“Italian pianist Alessandro Deljavan made the Rachmaninoff Second Piano Concerto an edge-of-seat experience.”

“Again and again, delicacies of voicing caressed the ear. Virtuosity, where called for, was thrilling.”

“Music director Miguel Harth-Bedoya and his charges did an impressive job of coordinating and balancing—and matching Deljavan’s almost extravagant expressivity”.

“For once, there was no automatic standing ovation but a genuine, and well deserved, explosion of applause and bravos. For an encore, Deljavan played Chopin’s B minor Etude with jaw dropping virtuosity and heart-stopping eloquence.”

— Scott Cantrell, Dallas Morning News

“Alessandro is a complete artist with a technique “extraordinaire”, a marvelous and creative musicality and warm and communicative personality. He is truly a sensational pianist !”

— William Grant Naboré
Director, Piano Academy at Lake Como

“There was an audible rise in the decibel level of the applause and approving crowd yells the moment Alessandro Deljavan walked on the stage…”

— Star-Telegram

The Star-Telegram coined explosion in shouts and stomps after his performances by audience, Deljamania

“Among fans of this year’s only returning competitor, a mini “Delja-mania” was sweeping through Bass Hall and across social media.”

“Audience members praised his artistry and the emotional connection they felt when he played. Some were seen weeping during his performances, and so many gathered at the stage door for autographs and photos after his recitals that they willingly missed the performer after him.”

Messages from fans online, twitter & Facebook :

“Deljavan, I think is the greatest living pianist … is another world !”

“To all music & piano lovers : I don’t want to exaggerate, but in the 40 years (or so) I’m listening to piano music & attending piano concerts, never has a pianist touched me more deeply than Alessandro Deljavan…”

“Mr. Deljavan, your artistry was so moving to me”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you again for all the emotion you gave me.”

“When I heard Alessandro Deljavan render the Schumann Fantasie, it felt as though he was the composer playing it. The pure fire, in the moment excitement, incredible virtuosity, left me breathless. It reminded me of hearing Gilels in Carnegie Hall when I was a kid. I nearly fell over the balcony in my unconstrained, impassioned embrace of such awe-inspiring artistry.”

Schumann Fantasie in C Major, Op. 17 : III. Langsam getragen. Durchweg leise zu halten. from Fresh Digital Produce on Vimeo.

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